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Miscellaneous Items

Over the last several years I have decided to write about what I have learned and loved throughout my life. They have become such a collection that I have decided to loosen them on an unsuspecting world. These articles are not an Academic Thesis, or a Legal Treatise, and they are not written so. They are intended to inform and enlighten the general public on the topic.Hopefully, they will motivate the general public to further investigate the topic. As such, I have tried to minimize the length of the these Articles. I hope that you will read and enjoy them, and perhaps it will give you something to think about. The following are topics on which I felt the urge to pontificate, and some are extracts from my website "Observations on an Examined Life". I have deliberately kept these topics and extracts short so that can be read in a less that ten minutes. I have also targeted these items to a personal nature in that they deal with how to live your life and view pressing social concerns. I sincerely hope that you will take a few minutes to read and think about these topics. For your convenience I have added a icon to indicate those articles that have been recently added or modified.

The Constitution and the Law ......

Natural, Constitutional, and Civil Rights

  • Natural, Constitutional, and Civil Rights (Sep 2020) - As sentient, conscience, intelligent beings we all have Natural Rights. As Americans we have Constitutional and Civil Rights. This article examines these Natural, Constitutional, and Civil Rights in American government and society.
  • American Ideals and Ideas (Dec 2021) - A reference article that is a coalescence of several of my Chirps and Articles dealing with our American Ideals and Ideas.
  • A Hierarchy of Rights (Feb 2021) - Much has been said about the rights of a U.S. citizen. In my view, the people of America have a hierarchy of rights which this article examines.
  • Aspects of Freedom (Dec 2022) - An examination of the five core freedoms that are essential to a free society that outlines these core freedoms and their importance to a free society.
  • Bill Of Rights  (Dec 2019) - The Bill of Rights was created to enshrine basic Natural Rights into our Constitution. This article examines the Bill of Rights and its relationship to Natural Rights.
  • Conflicts of Individual Liberties and Freedoms versus Governance (Sep 2023) - An examination of the tensions between individual rights and the needs of social order within a society.
  • Economists You Should Know—Foundations for the Conversation On Socialism And Capitalism (Jan 2024) – A brief synopsis of the main economists that form the basis of my article on “Socialism and Capitalism Disputations”.
  • Freedoms, Liberties, Equalities, and Equal Justice for All (May 2020) – An explanation of what I mean when I write or quote this subject.
  • Free Speech as a Means to Truth (Aug 2022) - Some thoughts on the necessity and importance of free speech to humankind, based on the writings of John Stuart Mill in his 1859 essay On Liberty.
  • Free Speech and Parental Rights (Feb 2023) - While I am a free speech absolutist and I would never accept restriction on free speech I am, however, troubled when it comes to Free Speech when it conflicts with the Parental Right to raise their children in shaping their morals, ethics, and character. This article examines this topic.
  • Free Speech and Public Service (Feb 2023) - An examination of the restrictions on Free Speech while a government public servant is performing their duties and responsibilities.
  • Liberty, Freedom, and Power (Jan 2020) -The late J. Rufus Fears, Professor of Classics at the University of Oklahoma, left us some Words of Wisdom on the lessons of history that all Americans should ponder. This article explores this topic and their apropos to the current events in America.
  • Modern Totalitarianism (Jul 2022) In A new book by Mattias Desmet, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism”, he examines the psychological and sociological factors that give rise to modern totalitarianism, This article highlights his theory along with my commentary on this theory.
  • Socialism and Capitalism Disputations (Jan 2024) – A review of four eBooks from the Hoover Institute that examines the disputations between Socialism and Capitalism.
  • The American Theory of Government (Jan 2022) - An examination of the Duties and Responsibilities of the people of a country to the government, and the Duties and Responsibilities of the government to the people as the Founding Fathers envisioned these responsibilities.
  • The Abortion Question (Updated Jun 2022) - An examination of Constitutional Rights of the unborn child, and the issues and concerns regarding abortion.
  • The Analogy of Abortion and Slavery (Sep 2020) - An examination of how the current abortion debate is analogous to the debate on slavery that occurred prior to the Civil War.
  • The Constitution and Abortion (Aug 2022) - A examination as to why an abortion is a Constitutional issue and not a States Rights Issue.
  • The Four Boxes of Liberty (Jan 2021) - Examines the Soap Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammo Box as a defense of our Freedoms and Liberties.
  • The Four Freedoms (Dec 2019) - The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by the United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941. In an address known as The Four Freedoms Speech (technically the 1941 State of the Union Address), he proposed four fundamental freedoms that people “Everywhere In The World” ought to enjoy. This article examines these Four Freedoms.
  • The Foundation of the Rights of the Common Man (Jan 2020) - Where did the ideals of Freedom, Liberty, Equality, and Justice For All, as we now understand them, come from? What about the ideas of representative government, the rule of law, equal justice, property, and contracts? This article examines where these ideals and ideas came from.
  • The Greater Good and Natural Rights (Sep 2020) - A compilation of several of my Chirps that examines the Natural Rights of Freedom of Conscience, Self-Protection, and Property, and how they relate to the concept of The Greater Good.
  • The Law is Not All (Jan 2021) - As sentient, conscience, intelligent beings we all have natural rights. If we did not have natural rights than any rights that we may have would be endowed by society or governments. And anything that society or government can give can be taken away. This would make humans subservient to society and governments, and not allow for any freedoms or liberties. This article examines why Morality and Ethics are needed to supplement the Law.
  • The Rights of Abortion, Homosexual Marriage, Transgendered  and Assisted Suicide (Jul 2023) – An examination of these rights and their dichotomy between individual and societal rights.
  • The Rights That Structure Liberty and Freedom  (Feb 2022) - An examination of our essential Liberties and Freedoms, and the Rights that are required to support these Liberties and Freedoms.
  • The Supreme Courts Reluctance (Apr 2022) - The Supreme Court appears to be reluctant to address three issues of importance in America today. When it does address these issues, it does so in a timid and restrictive manner rather than a forthright manner.These issues are; Restrictions on Religious Freedoms, The Recognition of Natural Rights, and Non-Governmental Restrictions on Natural Rights. These issues must be fully resolved to assure the Liberties and Freedoms of all Americans in the future. This article examines these issues and their importance to American society.
  • Totalitarian Evil: Crimes, Terror, Repression (Jan 2024) - A brief examination of the scope and impacts of the totalitarian evils of Communism, Socialism, Nazism, and Fascism, and the crimes against humanity that they committed.
  • Vaccine Mandates (Jan 2022) - A longer but important Article, on the current status of our efforts to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Natural, Constitutional, and Civil Rights impacts of this effort.

The Meaning Of 

Constitutional Issues

Justice in America

  • A Just Government and a Just Society (Sep 2019) - The question of the role of government and society, and what constitutes a just government and society, has bedeviled mankind for millennia. This article examines what constitutes a Just Government and a Just Society.
  • Capital Punishment (May 2024) - An examination of the difference between the deliberate unlawful taking of a human life and the unintentional lawful taking of a human life, and the utilization of the death penalty as punishment in the taking of a human life.
  • Constitutional Protection of Rights and Just Laws (Mar 2020) - An examination of how our rights are protected in the U.S. Constitution.
  • Get Trump (Apr 2024) - How the current prosecution of President Trump and his supporters are corrupting our judicial system, and endangering the future of American society.
  • Judges, Not Lords (Mar 2020) – An examination of the role of Judges in our Constitutional system.
  • Justice and The Rule of Law in America (Oct 2019). A longer than usual Article on my thoughts on this subject. However, it has five parts that are shorter and can be read independently from each other. These are my thoughts on this subject:
    • Just Process - Without Just Process, there can be no Justice. But a Just Process requires that several concepts and tenets be enforced for Justice to prosper.
    • Just Charging - The process of Justice begins with a Just Charge, for without being charged justly, you cannot have Justice.
    • Just Trials - A Just Trial is essential for Justice. The rights of the defendant must be preserved, but the interests of the victim and their families must also be served.
    • Just Sentencing  - We should also remember that laws are meaningless if there are no consequences or deterrence for violating them. This requires a Just Sentence.
    • Just Imprisonment and Parole - Finally, Imprisonments and Paroles must be justly applied. Not only for the inmates but for society and the victims as well.
  • Justice and The Rule of Law in Non-Judicial Proceedings (Jun 2021 update) - An examination of the concepts of The Rule of Law in political discourse and deliberations.
  • Supreme, But Not Always Right (Jun 2021) - An examination of the most notorious Supreme Court decisions that have been wrong, and that have had negative consequences to our American Ideals and Ideas.
  • The Failures of the Supreme Court (May 2019) - An examination of the integrity of the courts and incorrect or improper decisions of the courts in the latter half of the 20th century and continuing in the 21st century.

Where do we go from here? 

    • A New Declaration of Independence (Sep 2019) -My thoughts on a rewriting of the Declaration of Independence to meet the needs of the 21st Century.
    • A New U.S. Constitution (Sep 2019) - My thoughts on a rewriting of the United States Constitution to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

Critical Thinking ......

  • A Philosophical Approach (Feb 2020) - My reasoning on why a philosophical approach is the best means to resolve the issues and concerns that beset modern America.
  • Beyond Rationality and Reasoning (Jul 2022) - An examination of why"Rationality" and "Reasoning" are insufficient to chart a course of action, and why ethical principles applied to rationality and reasoning are necessary to determine the best course of action.
  • Common Sense (Aug 2020) – Common Sense is not so common as you may think, nor not so sensible as you would hope. This article examines the issues of “Common Sense” in your thinking.
  • Myside Bias (Dec 2021) - An examination of how Myside Bias can creep into Critical Thinking and negate an argument.
  • Rationality (Dec 2021) - Rationality can be a nebulous term and have different meanings to different people. This article explains my interpretation of Rationality, and my utilization of Rationality in my Chirps and Articles.
  • Reasoning (Dec 2021 update) - To properly reason, you need to understand Formal and Informal Logic, Logical Fallacies, Cognitive Biases, and Common Sense. These must always be ascertained and incorporated for a rational debate to occur. You must also be aware of how to utilize common sense appropriately. This article is an outline of Formal and Informal Logic, Logical Fallacies, Cognitive Biases, and Common Sense.
  • The Intellectual and the Preposterous (Jan 2021) -  An explanation for the preposterousness of many intellectuals.
  • The Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI) and Skin in the Game (SIG) (Aug 2021)- These terms are often descriptive of academic or journalist prognosticators, although they are not limited to these professions but are pervasive throughout the intelligentsia, as I examine in this article.
  • The Law of Unintended Consequences (Nov 2019) - The law of unintended consequences, often cited but rarely defined, is that actions of people and especially of government always have effects that are unanticipated or unintended, in its outcomes of unexpected benefits, unexpected drawbacks, and perverse results.
  • The Psychological Causes of Political Madness (May 2021)  - The book “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness” by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D. is about the psychological basis of the Progressives/Leftists mindset and human nature and human freedom. Although the book was published in 2006, the Liberal/Progressive/Leftist Agenda has become more pronounced and easily understood by the words and deeds of today's "Progressives/Leftists" and the Democrat Party. These political goals and policy agendas are antithetical to our American Ideals and should frighten any person who believes in “Freedoms, Liberties, Equalities, and Equal Justice for All” and “Natural, Constitutional, and Civil Rights”. This book inspired me to create articles that are extractions from this book. I would suggest that you read these articles in the following order to obtain the essence of this book:
    • The Liberal Mind Overview - This article is an overview of the three sections of this book, which I have titled: I – The Nature of Man, II – The Development to Adulthood, and III – The Adult Liberal.
    • The Liberal Mindset – This article is the author's selections from the book that highlight the major topics of the book.
    • The Two Liberal Minds Beliefs - This article defines two types of liberals: ‘The Benign Liberal’ and ‘The Radical Liberal’ and their different viewpoints and perspectives.
    • The Liberal Manifesto Major Principles - The section “The Liberal Manifesto: Major Principles” from Chapter 35 examines their political goals and policy agendas of today's Progressives/Leftists and the Democrat Party. I have excerpted this section of the book for your review and consideration.
    • The Liberal Integrity and Treatment - The Chapter 48 section, ‘Integrity and Treatment’, has the best explanation of the difference between the Liberal and Conservative mindset that I have ever encountered. I have excerpted four sections of this chapter of the book for your review and consideration, and as a basis for understanding the psychological nature of the political divides that are occurring in America today.
    • The Ideal and Reality in Radical Liberalism  – The Chapter 47 sections, ‘The Liberal Agenda as an Evil’, and ‘Ideal and Reality in Radical Liberalism’ contradicts the claims of moral superiority and correctness that The Liberal Mind so often self-proclaims.
    • When Fact Checkers Don’t Understand Facts (Jun 2023) – In today’s world, the question of the accuracy and reliability of fact-checkers is important, as we too often rely on fact-checkers to help determine the truth. But fact-checking is subjective rather than objective and susceptible to the Cognitive Biases of the fact-checkers and the predilections of the fact-checking organization. This article examines this question and provides some perspective on fact-checking.

Political, Economic, and Other Related Issues ......

Political Issues

  • 1984 - A Cautionary Tale, Not A Handbook (May 2020) - An examination of the attempts by the Democrat Party to turn 1984 into a handbook for the governance of America instead of a cautionary tale of modern tyranny.
  • A Harbinger of Bad Tidings (Nov 2022) - An examination of the Congressional hearings that need to occur on the many convulsions and abuses of government that President Biden and his administration have wrought and engaged in.
  • Crusades of the Social Justice Warriors and Activists (Oct 2021) - Since the activism of the 1960s and onwards, the Liberals, Progressives, and Leftists social justice warriors and other activists have undertaken many crusades to reform and make America better. This article examine the motivations and consequences of these crusades by review three important books by Dr. Thomas Sowell.
  • Dialog & Debate (Updated Oct 2022) - In today’s political environment, Dialog and Debate have degenerate into the employment of tactics, tactics that do not provide illumination but instead generate heat. This is done to generate political points for electioneering purposes rather than an examination of the issue to reach an understanding. I, therefore, have extracted my Observation on Dialog and Debate for your illumination of these tactics.
  • Gun Control (Feb 2021) - An examination of the realities of Gun Control in America.
  • J'accuse! (Updated Feb 2023) - A examination on how the Democrat Party has morphed itself away from our Founding Fathers Ideals and Ideas in the 20th and 21st centuries. A morphing that will 'fundamentally transform' America, and that I believe has not been nor will not be for the betterment of America or humankind.
  • Modern American Fascism (May 2019) - An examination of what constitutes Fascism in modern America.
  • Modern Journalism (Feb 2020) - Media Bias is so widespread today that it is widely recognized by the general public, and even journalists comment upon their lack of support by the general public. This is supported by all public polling, and even though I am not a believer in public polling, I can see this in how the public does not respond to journalism reporting. This article examines the reasons for journalism decline.
  • Practicing What You Preach (Aug 2019) - Discourse on the hypocrisy of those that are claiming “No One is Above the Law”, and the dangers to the Rule of Law. When “No One is Above the Law” is unequally applied.
  • Red Flag, Yellow Flag, and No Flag (Aug 2019) - My thoughts on “Red Flag” laws that would prohibit the sale or possession of firearms to persons who have shown a propensity for violence or mental illness that they could be a danger to themselves or others.
  • Reparations Are Immoral (Apr 2019) - The morality of reparations is examined in this article.
  • Should the Civil Service be Abolished? (Jan 2020) - An examination of how the modern Civil Service has devolved into an unresponsive, indeed resistive entity, to the will of the people as expressed through elections.
  • Social Media and Free Speech (Aug 2021)- An examination of the methods, actions, and repercussions of Social Media when they allow, tag, or cancel posts by their subscribers.
  • Social Policy (Mar 2019) - i.e., the betterment of the people through governmental action, has many concerns when formulating and implementing the policy. This article explores the questions that need to be asked when formulating social policy.
  •  Systemic Racism in America (November 2021) - An brief examination the past and present state of racism in America.
  • The Criminalization of Politics (Jan 2021) -With the apparent rise of criminal prosecutions of politicians, we run the risk of criminalizing politics. This article examines this issue and its consequences.
  • The Problem is Systemic Liberalisms & Progressivisms – (Aug 2020) – An examination of how Liberalism and Progressivism have impacted American politics and society.
  • The Real Issues of the 2020 Election (Aug 2020) - As we are now fully into the Presidential Election of 2020, I would implore all Americans to consider the most important issues facing America. There are only four big issues regarding the Presidential Election of 2020. They are; The Coronavirus Pandemic Response, The Economic Recovery, The Rule of Law, and The Role of Government. Another Issue is the Mental Fitness of Joe Biden to perform the duties and responsibilities of the office of the President. This article examines these real issues.
  • The Reichstag Fire and Kristallnacht Pogrom Analogy (Jan 21) - An examination of these historical events and how they are analogous to modern day America.
  • The Soul of Our Political Parties (Dec 2021) - An examination of the modern souls of the Democrat and Republican Parties.
  • The Soul of the Nation (Sep 2022) -  An examination of the speech President Biden gave on this topic at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 01, 2022.
  • There is Nothing democratic About the Democrat Party (Feb 2020) - All political organizations are Oligarchies, including the Democrat and Republican Parties. The difference is in the power structure of the leadership of the parties. Does the power structure rule from the top-down or lead from the bottom-up? This article examines this topic as it relates to the current Democrat and Republican Parties.
  • Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant (Nov 2023) – Throughout history, wars have been initiated in which most of the populace desired peace. In an article by Paul E. Marek (republished here), he explains why this can happen, as the majority often sit back and let it all happen as the fanatics gain control of a government. He subtitles this article: ‘History lessons are often incredibly simple’, and this simple history lesson is that we must pay attention to the only group that counts: the fanatics who threaten our way of life.

Economic Issues

  • Campaign Financing and Independent Expenditures (Jul 2020) – An examination of the issues and concerns regarding Campaign Financing and Independent Expenditures in electioneering.
  • Canceling Student Debt (Feb 2021) - An examination of the causes of student debt, the impacts of student debts, and the consequences of canceling student debt.
  • Entitlements (Sep 2019) - Social Security, Healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid), Health Insurance, Food Stamps, Education, Public Housing, Aid to Dependent Children, Unemployment Benefits, etc., etc., etc.. All of this was done with the good intention of helping people in need, during a time in which they could not afford to help themselves. This article examines the issues and concerns with “Entitlements”.
  • Indemnification (Jun 2020) – An examination of the issue of compensation of those who have been harmed because of rioting that has gripped America.
  • Life Cycle Costs (Aug 2021) - When concerning the economic impact of any product, you must factor in the life cycle costs of the product. To only examine a few stages will lead you to the wrong conclusion. This article examines what goes into Life Cycle Costs.
  • Other People’s Money (O.P.M.) (Jun 2020) - In today’s society, it has become very easy to spend Other People’s Money, especially in government funding, but also in commerce. This article examines this issue.
  • Tariffs - A Double Entry Ledger (Jun 2019) - The pro and cons of imposing tariffs.
  • Tax the Rich and Make Them Pay Their Fair Share (Jun 2020) - “Tax the Rich” and “Their Fair Share“ have complex meanings and implications. Those that utilize these phrases rarely understand these meanings, complications, and implications. This article examines these meanings, complications, and implications.
  • What is Money? (Apr 2021) - Money in of itself is just a high-quality piece of pager with quality engraving that has no intrinsic value. It is what the money represents that has value, and that value is the labor and toils it took to earn money. This article examines this concept of money and its impacts on government taxes and spending and its repercussions on society.
  • Who Pays for Large Lawsuit Settlements? (Aug 2020) – An examination of who actually pays for the settlement of large class-action lawsuits.

Other Issues

  • It Appears that I am a Domestic Terrorist (Jul 2021) - A critique of the document on a “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” that has been released by President Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland.
  • Classified Information (Aug 2022) - An explanation of the handling of classified information for the purpose of providing a foundation for understanding the handling of classified information to those not initiated into the world of classified information. This article should provide you with sufficient knowledge to ascertain the veracity of what others are saying when discussing possible breaches of the handling of classified information.
  • Dystopia (May 2022) – An examination of the three great dystopian novels of the first half of the 20th century - Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Brave New World, as it relates to the current political and social events of the last few decades in America, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Good Intentions (May 2022) - I do not give a wit for good intentions, but I care very deeply for good results. Good intentions without knowledge, intelligence, experience, and wisdom are often nothing but folly, and I am not interested in paying heed to fools. This article examines the folly of good intentions and the ways of its practitioners.
  • Grandiloquent Statements (August 2023) - Grandiloquent statements, lofty in style and puffed up with vanity, are a staple of politicians, commentators, and activists. In an attempt to propagandize and spur their supporters into action, these statements are often bereft of practical goals or ends that are obtainable.This article examines the purpose and repercussions of grandiloquent statements
  • O Brave New World (Aug 2021) -  An examination of three books; ‘Brave New World’, ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. and ‘Animal Farm’; as well as a ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ storyline on ‘The Borg’, that can show the possible results of the Progressives/Leftists vision, and how we in America are drifting toward these results.
  • One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All (May 2022) – An examination of the transformation and repercussions to America of becoming a less religious society.
  • Perception Is Not Reality (Aug 2023) - The biggest factual lies are factual misperceptions. We may think that we know the facts, but often we do not really know the facts. This article examines some of these misperceptions and their repercussions.
  • The Age of Enlightenment and Critical Theory (Nov 2021) - An examination of how Critical Theory is antithetical to Enlightenment Theory, and the danger it poses to American Ideals and Ideas.
  • The Basis of Our Modern Technological World (Oct 2022) - An examination of the four indispensable sectors of items our modern technological world requires to function: Energy and Power, Food and Water, Essential Materials, and Globalization.
  • The Classes of Society (Sep 2020) - Throughout history, human societies have been structured into two classes; the ruling class and the bureaucrats who support them and a lower class that provides the labor to build the society. It is only in the last three centuries that a new class has arisen: The Middle-Class. This article examines the history of the Middle-Class and its impacts on society.
  • The Devil is in the Details (Updated Oct 2022) - The Devil is in the Details is a truism that must always be remembered when considering an issue in our personal, work-related, or public lives. In this article, I consider consider three devils: The Big Picture, The Details, and The Bottom Line, and the four devilish Issues and concerns of Presumptions and Assumptions, The Debatable, The Verbal versus the Written, and The Philosophical versus the Practicable.
  • The Electrical Bulk Power Grid (Feb 2023) - The ability to reliability transmit bulk electrical power across North America is critical to our economy and society. Reliable electricity service is essential to the nation’s health, welfare, and security. This article examines this system and some issues and concerns about this system.
  • The Four E’s (Sep 2020) – An examination of the Energy, Economic, End-To-End, and Environmental Factors in determining the costs and benefits and impacts of an engineered system.
  • The Golden Rule (Jun 2024) - An examination of the history of the Golden Rule, and reasons for the consistent violations of the Golden Rule throughout human history.
  • The Problems with Islam (Apr 2021) - A common saying about Islam is that it is ‘A Religion of Peace’. This article examines the peacefulness of Islam and the problems associated with Islamic society.
  • Thinking and Reasoning About Gun Control (Feb 2021) - An example, utilizing Gun Control, of how incorrect thinking can lead to incorrect statements even by experts on thinking.
  • The New Class War (Oct 2020) - My thoughts on a new book “The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite” by Michael Lind, which dovetails with my “The Classes of Society” article. This book delineates these classes in a novel manner, and is well worth your obtaining, reading, and pondering upon, as it provides a different perspective on the causes of the Classes in America.
  • To Be Rulers or to Be Leaders (Apr 2020) - An examination of the differences between rulership and leadership regarding our current politicians’ words and deeds.
  • Tyranny Disguised as Virtue and Compassion (Apr 2019) - How Virtue and Compassion can become Tyranny.
  • Voting in America (Updated Feb 2023) – An examination of the current issues and problems with Voting in America.
  • Voting Responsibilities (Updated Oct 2022) - An examination of the Federal and States government responsibilities to assure free and fair elections in America.
  • Why They Hate Us (In Their Own Words) (Dec 2023) -An examination of why Islamic extremists hate the Western World, in their own words.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics ......

These articles examine the issues that I believe are misrepresented, misreported, and misunderstood in America. Solving these problems requires that we understand the true nature of these problems. Unfortunately, because of the misinformation on these problems, this is not possible. Politicians, Activists, and Journalists are more interested in scoring political points, along with other motivations, that interfere with our understanding. Let us all begin to understand the true nature of these problems so that we can work together on solving these problems.

  • A World of Words versus the World as It Is (Oct 2019) - An examination of the misuse of statistics, and the words misused to describe statistics, in today’s political environment. Lies and Beliefs (Sep 2018) - My thoughts on “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics” and “Just because you believe something to be true does not make it true”.
  • Democrats: The Party of Systemic Racism (Feb 2021) - An examination of the history and actions of the Democratic Party that reveal their past and current racism.
  • Environmental Impacts of Energy Utilization (Mar 2021) -An examination of energy consumption on mankind, and its environmental impacts.
  • Lies and Beliefs (Sep 2018) - My thoughts on “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics” and “Just because you believe something to be true does not make it true”.
  • Math (and statistical mathematics) is More than Numbers (October 2019) On the surface, math may seem like it’s all about numbers and formulas. However, this versatile subject is about much more than just counting, adding, and subtracting. Discover why math is more than numbers and find out how it contributes to the development of valuable skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, language, and more. My new article on this subject explores this topic.
  • Nazism and Fascism (Jan 2019) - An examination of the political and social basis of Nazism and Fascism.
  • Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave (Nov 2018) - Knowing what is important, what is unimportant, and what is misleading when reviewing studies or statistics is crucial to discovering the truth.
  • Public Polling (Nov 2020) - An examination of the ubiquitousness and nefariousness of Public Polling, especially in regard to election polling.
  • Socialism is Acceptable (Dec 2019) - The various way in which Socialism is Immoral and the vices and virtues of Socialism and Capitalism.
  • Slavery and Discrimination rooted in Party Politics (Dec 2019) - The Civil War - Slavery vs. Freedom. North vs. South, Industrial vs. Agricultural, Union vs. Succession are the common reasons given for the Civil War. There is great truth in these reasons, but the commonality of these reasons is Democrat vs. Republican party politics. This article looks at the history of this subject.
  • The Biggest Falsehoods in America (September 2019) - This article examines the issues that I believe are misrepresented, misreported, and misunderstood in America.
  • The Debt of Slavery and Discriminations(Dec 2019) - Slavery and Involuntary Servitude has existed throughout human history in all parts of the world. Slavery and Involuntary Servitude were in existence from the very discovery of America by Western Civilizations. This article cannot possibly go into the history of slavery in America, but I wish to comment on some specifics that are germane to the discussion of the Debt of Slavery and Discrimination.

Social Issues ......

  • A Civil Society (Oct 2018) - For thousands of years, western society has grappled with what constitutes a civil, legal, and just society. These are my thoughts on this subject.
  • Attack the Messenger (Updated Oct 2019) - When the message is troubling, a common counterpoint is to attack the messenger. These are my thoughts on this subject.
  • College and University Education (Sep 2022) - The issues and concerns regarding Colleges and Universities in modern America.
  • Criticism vs. Critique (Apr 2022) - The importance of the differences between Criticism and Critique and their impact on society.
  • Do the Ends Justify the Means? (Feb 2020) - When do the ends justify the means? This can be a very difficult question to answer, and it is often not black or white. Almost always, the answer is no, but is some cases; it can be yes. This article broadly addresses this question.
  • Divisiveness in America (Aug 2019) - An extermination of the causes and culprits for this divisiveness
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work (May 2019) - Equal pay for equal work is a noble ideal, but as always, the devil is in the details. Here are some of the details.
  • Feminism and the Devaluation of the Male (Aug 2020) – An examination of modern-day feminism and its consequences and repercussions.
  • Homosexuality Nature and Homosexual Marriage (Updated Sep 2021) - An examination of the nature of homosexuality and the repercussions of homosexual marriage.
  • Indoctrination versus Education (September 2019) - An examination of one of the biggest failures in our educational system.
  • O say can you see (Jul 2019) - A perspective on respecting the National Anthem.
  • Oppressive Patriarchal Hierarchy Society (May 2020) – An examination of hierarchical societies and their application in America.
  • Public Education (May 2019) - The issues and concerns regarding Public Education in America.
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Oct 2019) - It is natural to respect someone who behaves in a Legal, Moral, and Ethical manner. But what of respect for those who falter, or for politicians? This article examines these issues.
  • Sexual Harassment (Oct 2018) - A perspective on this subject.
  • Slander and Libel in America (Aug 2021) - In the 21st century, we have entered into the era of social media and 24-hour news cycles. We also have government elected politicians and appointed officials utilizing social media and journalism to make assertions and allegations throughout the day and every day of the year. Assertions and allegations that often lack veracity as well as evidence. This article examines the issues and concerns of this topic.
  • Systemic Family, Education, and Faith Problem (Aug 2020) – An examination of the root causes for the current unrest that grips America.
  • The Destruction of Our Children (Sep 2022) - An examination of how in in the last several decades the parental/guardian and societal obligation of properly raising children have fallen short of meeting its duties and responsibilities.
  • The Dirty Bakers Dozen (Jan 2023) - An examination of the baker’s dozen of problems that strike at the fabric and soul of American society.
  • The Three D’s (Demonize, Denigrate, Disparage) of Modern Political Debate (May 2019) - How modern political debate has deteriorated into name-calling.
  • You Can Do and Say Whatever You Want (Nov 2109) - An examination of the propriety of what people do or say, and the role of truth, facts, and propriety in what people do or say.
  • A Life Worth Living (Feb 2024) - An examination of the four attributes that are necessary to determine if you have experienced a life worth living.
  • Analogizing and Conflating (Oct 2019) - To analogize or to conflate are proper techniques of debate if they are utilized properly. However, in today’s political debates, they are often used improperly, as they are not analogized or conflated properly. This article illuminates this topic.
  • Be the Better Person (Sep 2018) - What to do when “Shit Happens”.
  • Change and/or New (Updated Jan 2023) - The call of changed rings throughout the land, and here is my cautionary opinion on this topic.
  • Cognitive Abilities and the Value of a Human Being (May 2019) - My thoughts on a looming social problem of the cognitive abilities needed for a mechanized and technological 21st-century workforce.
  • Cult of Youth (Jun 2019) - I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.
  • Dead White Men (Jan 2019) - Much has been said and written about the importance of dead white men regarding modern times. These are my succinct thoughts on this subject.
  • Decision Points in Life (Jun 2020) - How the probabilities of making better or poorer decisions effects your chances in the making for a better or poorer life.
  • Famous Autodidactic Americans (Updated Apr 2022) - While this list is of the most successful persons, it is not possible to mention the tens of thousands of business owners, as well as the tens of thousands of entertainers and sports figures, along with other occupations who have succeeded without a college degree.
  • I'm As Mad As Hell, And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore! (Jan 2021) - My commentary on the madness that inflicts America today.
  • Is It Time to Purchase Greenland? (August 2019) - An examination of the costs and benefits, for all parties, if the United States purchased Greenland.
  • Is There Life After Death? (Jun 2023) – An examination of the reality of Near-Death-Experience (NDE) and the evidence of an afterlife.
  • Jumping to Conclusions Through Ignorance (August 2021) - Some stories from my life about this topic. When I speak of ‘ignorance’ I am not utilizing this term in a pejorative manner, but I simply mean the lack of knowledge.
  • Que Sera, Sera (Dec 2019) - A beautifully simple lyrics and music that has inspired many people. This article explains my interpretation of this song.
  • Resistance in World War II (Sep 2023) - An examination and importance of resistance movements in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan before and during World War II.
  • Sins of the Fathers and of Youth (Sep 2018) - Who bears the responsibility and recriminations for the words and deeds of relatives and youth.
  • Situational Ethics and Moral Dilemmas (Dec 2018) - As I have stated in other articles, I have tried to live my life in an ethical and moral manner. There are, however, situational ethics and moral dilemmas in which there are no easy answers. This article examines some of these particulars and their potential consequences.
  • The Ever-present Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln (Sep 2023) - An examination of how the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln is applicable to modern America.
  • The Fundamental Properties of Humanity (May 2019) -An examination of the fundamental properties of humans; human nature, economics, and energy.
  • The Meaning of Holocaust (Feb 2021) - An examination of the modern English meaning of holocaust , and the implications and peril of the modern interpretation of holocaust.
  • The Morality of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings (Aug 2020) – An examination of the morality of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • The Troubles with T.E.D. Talks (Updated Oct 2019) - The issues and concerns about T.E.D. Talks.
  • Truth, Honesty, Character, and Courage Within Ourselves (Aug 2020) - Truth, Honesty, Character, and Courage are essential to becoming fully human. For without these items, you cannot be fully functional within yourselves and within society. These are my thoughts on this topic.
  • U.S. Holidays (Jul 2020) - A proposal for a refashioning of national holidays that would commemorate the ideals of America.
  • Vive La Difference (Mar 2019) - An examination of the differences between men and women.
  • Who are you to Judge? (Sep 2018) - To judge, or not to judge, that is the question?
  • Why is there so much poverty? (May 2019) - An examination of poverty and its causes and solution throughout history.

Elections ......

2020 Presidential Election

The 2020 elections may be a turning point in American History, as I have written in the section of “Turning Point – The Present” of my “United States History Perspective” Article. The American electorate needs to be cognizant of this turning point and vote wisely on the future course of America. As such, I have written a series of Chirps about the turning point issues that I believe that Americans need to consider before casting their votes. This is a list of these Chirps that deal with turning point issues:

The Impeachment of President Trump Articles ......

    • Impeachable Offenses  (Updated Oct 2019) - My thoughts on Impeachment, and how it relates to President Clinton and President Trump.
    • Impeachment Resolution (Oct 2019) - A companion piece to my Impeachable Offenses Article that examines the Resolution of the House of Representatives regarding the “impeachment” of President Trump.
    • Impeachment Hearings I (Nov 2019) - The real question for the Impeachment Hearings is if President Trump was “Upholding the Rule of Law” or “Violating the Rule of Law”, and if these are impeachable offenses as this article explains.
    • Impeachment Hearings II I (Nov 2019) - We have seen a parade of appointed officials and civil servants testify. But they seem to be testifying as to their opinions, presumptions, or inferences, while not much evidence is attested. This article examines the evidence, opinions, presumptions, and inferences regarding Impeachment.
    • Impeachment Hearings III (Dec 2019) - What constitutes “Treason, Bribery, and High crimes and misdemeanors” as the House Judiciary Committee's first hearing examines. This article examines my perspective on the answers to this question.
    • Impeachment Hearings IV (Dec 2019) - From Quid Quo Pro, to Bribery, to Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice, the Impeachment bandwagon rolls on. The current Articles of Impeachment that are being drafted reveal the House Democrats are examined in this article.
    • Impeachment Senate Trial I (Dec 2019) - Suggestions have been made, mostly by Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Lindsey Graham, that the Senate trial of the Impeachment of President Trump be an abbreviated effort until the Senators can determine the guilt or innocence of President Trump. I strongly disagree! This short article examines my disagreements.
    • Impeachment Senate Trial II (Jan 2020) - Whether to allow new witnesses to testify in the Senate Trial of President Trump’s Senate Impeachment trial is more than a question of evidence or fairness. It is also a Constitutional question as to the roles and responsibilities of the House and Senate in Impeachment. This article examines this question.
    • Impeachment Senate Trial III (Jan 2020) - President Trump’s legal team has responded to the House Articles of Impeachment presented to the Senate. These are my thoughts on this response.
    • Impeachment Senate Trial IV (Jan 2020) - The new battle cry at the Impeachment of President Trump is the call for new witnesses. This article is my thoughts on this topic.
    • Impeachment Senate Trial V (Jan 2020) - The Senate will shortly be voting for the resolution on the Impeachment of President Trump. This is the resolution that I would put forward and have the Senate pass.
    • The true meaning of the Senate vote on the Impeachment of President Trump  (Jan 2020) -My thoughts on the meaning and impacts of the Impeachment of President Trump.
    • Impeachment Consequences (Jan 2020) -My thoughts on the meaning and impacts of the Impeachment of President Trump, and the foreseen and unforeseen future consequences of impeachment to our Republic. The consequences of which may be far-reaching and perverse to our Constitutional Republic.
    • The Second Impeachment of President Trump (Jan 2021) -An examination of the implications and repercussions of the 2nd Impeachment of President Trump.
    • Insurrection and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (Feb 2021) - An examination of the possibility of utilizing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution for further actions the Democrat Party is considering against former President Trump.
    • Political Discourse (Dec 2019) -In light of the impeachment proceedings against President Trump, I have hyperlinked my Observation on Political Discourse, as it seems very apropos to these proceedings.
    • The Case for the Impeachment of President Biden (Sep 2022) -An examination as to whether President Biden has committed impeachable offenses.

The Trials of Trump Chirps ......

Collected Chirps ......

The following are collections of my Chirps dealing with a single topic, in reverse order of which they were written.Hopefully, this will provide a cohesive flow of my thoughts on these topics.

    • A Tale of Two Cities (May 2023) - How the American political scene has become analogous to Charles Dickens 1859 historical novel “A Tale of Two Cities”. A political scene in which America is now a country of two cities—a city of Conservatives and Republicans and a city of Progressives and Democrats.
    • Anti-Semitism in Modern America (May 2024) - An examination of the rise of Anti-Semitism in America, and the evils of Anti-Semitism.
    • Climate Change Chirps (Jul 2023) - Along with my articles on Climate Change and Beware of Computer Modeling and Statistical Processing I have Chirped about Climate Change. This webpage is a compilation of my Chirps on Climate Change.
    • Congressional Oligarchy (Dec 2022) -An examination of the Congressional Oligarchy that has arisen in America, and the harm done to America by this Congressional Oligarchy.
    • Coronavirus Pandemic Chirps – A series of Chirps that I have written the examines the Coronavirus Pandemic, that should be read in order, to understand the impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
    • Despotism in America (Mar 2021) - Despotism in America that has been growing throughout the 20th century and has accelerated dramatically in the 21st century. Despotism as defined by dominance through the threat of punishment and violence. This article examines the current state of Despotism in America.
    • Expert Opinions (Jan 2023) - A compilation of my Chirps that examines expert opinion and the use of expert opinion in the crafting of public policy.
    • Independence Day Celebrations (May 2024) - The true meaning and purpose for the celebration of our Independence Day.
    • Insurrection Chirps (Jun 2022) - I have combined my Chirps on the events of the January 6, 2021, ‘Insurrection’, and the events thereafter, in the order in which I posted them. Hopefully, this will illuminate the actions of the ‘Insurrectionists’ and the inappropriate conduct of the government during and after this event.
    • Oligarchy in America (Apr 2024) - Over the past several years, I have Chirped about how our Democratic-Republic has morphed into an Oligarchy. This morphing has been a subtle and progressive occurrence in our government. I, therefore, thought it necessary to consolidate these Chirps to illuminate how this morphing has resulted in an Oligarchy in America.  I, therefore, thought it necessary to consolidate these Chirps to illuminate how this morphing has resulted in an Oligarchy in America
    • Progressivism and Progressives (Aug 2023) - An examination of the meaning and history of Progressivism, and its impacts on American Governance and Society.
    • The Decline of Free Speech in America (Jul 2022) - A collection of the Chirps that I have written about a treatise by Jonathan Turley that examines the current state of Free Speech in America.
    • The Wars You Don’t Fight (Mar 2022) - No one should want to fight a war, especially a war that has no direct impact on yourself. However, not only should you consider fighting a war that has a direct impact, but you should also consider fighting a war that does not have a direct impact but may eventually engulf yourself. Such indirect wars are hard to justify but even harder to determine if there could be a justification. This article examines the issue of to fight, or to not fight, a war.
    • The Weaponization of Government (Aug 2022) -The Weaponization of Government against it populace in the 21st century is not only an American phenomenon but can be seen worldwide in many, if not most, democratic societies. This collection of Chirps examines this phenomenon in America.
    • Threats to Democracy (Mar 2024) - An examination of the current and historical events in America that pose a threat to our democracy.
    • Transgenderism - Sex and Gender (Mar 2024) – An examination of the Meaning and Science, Gender Transitioning, and Societal Impacts of Transgenderism in modern America.
    • Virtue In America (May 2024) - An examination of the importance of virtue in society and governance, and the current state of virtue in America.

Excerpts ......

    The following items are excerpts from a book I have written "Observations on an Examined Life". They are self contained items and need not be read in context of my book. The other items above are somewhat self-contained but may need the additional context of the book.

    • Addiction (Sep 2018) - My personal experience and perspective on Addiction.
    • Depression & Anxiety (Sep 2018) - My personal experience and perspective on Depression & Anxiety.
    • Introverted (Sep 2018) - My personal experience and perspective on Introversion.
    • May Peace Be Upon You (Sep 2018) - The short and long eulogies that I have written.
    • Mental Illness (Sep 2018) - My personal experience and perspective on Mental Illness.
    • Pornography & Prostitution (Mar 2019) - If prostitution is the world's oldest profession, then pornography is the world's oldest occupation. These are my thoughts.
    • Public Speaking (Sep 2018) - A guide to overcoming your fear of public speaking from someone who has accomplish this feat.

A Personal Note ......

You may be wondering about my qualifications to pontificate on these subjects. I believe that I am qualified because I am a thinking human being. I utilize my knowledge and experience in life, as well as researching both the facts and opinions of others, including those with whom I may disagree. I then apply my reasoning and logical skills to reach an opinion. And it is just my opinion which I readily admit. I am also willing to admit that I may be wrong, and if I discover that I am wrong I am just as readily willing to change my opinion. Therefore, check-back every so often to determine if I have changed my opinion which can be determine by the date of the article.

The incandescent light bulb has often been described as a heat source that provides some light, given that a light bulb generates more heat than it does light. In today's public debates we often find the proponents of an issue providing a lot of heat and only a little light. These observations are meant to provide illumination (light) and not argumentation (heat).

Opponents in today's society often utilize the dialog and debate methodology of Demonize, Denigrate, and Disparage their opponent when discussing issues, policies, and personages. To demonize, denigrate, or disparage the messenger to avoid consideration of the message is not acceptable if the message has supporting evidence.

The only acceptable method of public discourse is disagreement - to be of different opinions. If you are in disagreement with someone you should be cognizant that people of good character can and often disagree with each other. The method of their disagreement is very important to achieve civil discourse. There are two ways you can disagree with someone; by criticizing their opinions or beliefs or critiquing their opinions or beliefs.

  • Criticism - Disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings.
  • Critique - A serious examination and judgment of something.

Most people, and most commentators have forgotten the difference between Criticism and Critique. This has led to the hyper-partisanship in today's society. In a civil society critiquing a viewpoint or policy position should be encouraged. This will often allow for a fuller consideration of the issues, and perhaps a better viewpoint or policy position without invoking hyper-partisanship. We can expect that partisanship will often occur, as people of good character can and often disagree with each other. Criticizing a viewpoint or policy position will often lead to hostility, rancor, and enmity, which results in the breakdown of civil discourse and hyper-partisanship. It is fine to criticize someone for their bad or destructive behavior, but it is best to critique them for their opinions or words. We would all do better if we remember to critique someone, rather than criticize someone.

I would ask anyone who disagrees with what I have written here to please keep this disagreement civil. I am open to critique and will sometimes take criticism. I will always ignore demonization, denigration, and disparagement, or point out the vacuous nature or the character flaws of those that wish to silence the messenger rather than deal with the message.

Please remember that if you disagree with the messenger it is not acceptable to kill the messenger. You may kill the messenger, but the message will remain. If you have any comments, concerns, critiques, or suggestions I can be reached at I will review reasoned and intellectual correspondence, and it is possible that I can change my mind, or at least update the contents of these articles. This is why these articles are dated. Whenever I make a change to these articles they will be re-dated. So check back and see if any articles have been updated (or perhaps I shall add articles).